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11.10.17 / Cybersecurity: Defending the Defenseless OS

In what could be a significant data security advance, Bracket Computing has launched a new capability designed to defend against the most insidious of “persistent” attackers, those that gain privileged access to a server and then burrow into the operating system for months on end, wreaking havoc.

11.09.17 / Bracket Says it Can Head off Attacks Operating Systems Don’t See

Bracket Computing Inc. has upped the ante in its security software suite with new protections against a variety of difficult-to-detect attacks. The new feature set, called Server Guard, is part of a workload isolation technology the company calls Metavisor. Similar to a hypervisor, but sitting closer to the operating system, Metavisor safeguards critical parts of the operating system while on disk and in memory.

11.09.17 / Ensuring Immutability in Any Cloud

Based on recent data breaches and exposures, enterprises and government organisations have to take a hard look at the security practices and controls they have in place to protect personal and sensitive data. It’s not just a technology issue but also process issue.

11.09.17 / Bracket Computing Bolsters Server Security

Given the fact that more cyberattacks than ever seem to be circumventing existing security defenses, interest in alternative approaches to IT security is naturally on the rise. Bracket Computing today unveiled one of the approaches in the form of a lightweight hypervisor that further isolates guest operating systems from the underlying virtual machine platform.

11.09.17 / Makers of New Virtualization-based Security Product Claim it Can Fend off Attacks the OS Can't See

To combat persistent attacks, Bracket Computing released a feature called Server Guard for its security software solution that provides defense by safeguarding the critical parts of an operating system while on disk, and also while running in memory.

11.09.17 / Bracket Tackles Modern Hack Attacks With New Immutable Server Protection

“To maximize damage, modern cyber attacks use sophisticated techniques to remain undetected for as long as possible,” said John Pescatore, director at SANS, an information security and cybersecurity training organization.

11.09.17 / Bracket Computing Detects Cloud OS Threats With Server Guard

In an effort to improve cloud security, Bracket Computing announced on Nov. 9 a new Server Guard functionality to provide immutable server protection for cloud deployments.

09.07.17 / A Better Model for Cloud Security

Bracket Computing offers full workload isolation software designed to address these challenges and enable enterprises to run workloads securely in hybrid cloud environments with a single set of advanced IT security controls. Bracket delivers crypto-enforced micro-segmentation, that includes always-on encryption of data at rest and in motion with customer-controlled keys, data and runtime integrity monitoring, and auditability and forensics capabilities that capture memory at the time of breach.

08.01.17 / What Europe’s New Data Protection Law Means for Data Center Operators

Enterprises will need to have granular control over how and where customer data resides and is accessed, said Adam Conway, VP of product management at Bracket Computing, a cloud security vendor based in Mountain View, California.
That will require a fundamental shift in data center technology, one that will be felt for decades, he said.

07.26.17 / What's the Matter with S3?

There are technologies today to address these needs while enforcing separation of duties. The best start with a core principle: isolate all data in the cloud—from providers, from other tenants, from bad actors. This is best accomplished not by relying on a provider’s security, or even encrypting data stores, but by intercepting all S3 traffic in route and encrypting the data to be stored prior to transmission.

07.18.17 / Massive Amazon S3 Breaches Highlight Blind Spots in Enterprise Race to the Cloud

“Enterprise security architectures must expand to include cloud services in addition to on-premise data centers,” Enns said. “To manage complexity in these new environments, consistency from on-premise to cloud (and across cloud service providers) and enabling IT to retain control of information security gives application architects and developers a base on which they can move fast while remaining compliant with the enterprise's security requirements.”

07.18.17 / Dow Jones Data Leak Results from Amazon AWS Configuration Error

“IT teams should also be thinking about how to separate responsibilities between people who set security policies and those who deploy workloads or administer cloud applications. The goal should be to maximize public cloud usage while maintaining control over their assets, he notes.
This type of exposure is going to happen more and more,” says Lango. “I believe we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

07.17.17 / Enforcing Enterprise Security Policies on Hybrid Cloud

The operational complexity and risk introduced by hybrid environments is significant, but given the advantages of the hybrid cloud, adoption will continue to increase. Enterprises require a single policy framework across environments—and soon.

06.21.17 / RNC Leak of Voter Database Exposes Poor Cloud Security Practices

“[The] Public cloud is self-service, and anyone with admin account access can change the privacy settings on a server like the ones in the [BAH] and Deep Root examples. Developers or contractors might set servers to public accidentally, to make it easier to configure applications accessing the data, or maliciously,” Conway told SearchSecurity. “All organizations -- government agencies and enterprises alike -- are vulnerable to this scenario because it's so hard to prevent in a self-service world.”

06.20.17 / S3 Data Exposure Highlights Security Risks in the Cloud

“Cloud provides incredible developer freedom, but self-service with no IT controls is a recipe for a data breach or leak. Organizations should put sensible controls in place to ensure that their data is protected on self-service environments,” Conway said.

02.28.17 / On the Front Lines of Cybersecurity

Is our heavily connected information society safe within the "Internet of Things?" How do we stop the rise of super sophisticated phishing schemes that have successfully hacked millions of users? Tom Gillis, a former VP of Cisco Security and now the founder of Bracket Computing, a cybersecurity company, tackles these questions and also explains what the world’s largest financial institutions need to do in order to protect their networks.

02.10.17 / Security News Ahead of RSA: Breach Worries Stop Digital Transformation

“Our forensics are similar to a traffic camera at a stoplight,” said Jason Lango, co-founder and CTO of Bracket. “It will snap a picture of an attacker at the precise moment of the offense, and provide detailed information about the source of the attack.”

02.14.17 / Bracket's 'Metavisor' Could have Stopped DNC Hack, Says CEO

At RSA 2017, Bracket Computing announced a pair of new features for its 'metavisor' and CEO Tom Gillis said it can both diagnose and prevent attacks that hide themselves inside the operating system.

02.09.17 / Bracket Computing Adds Forensic Capabilities to Isolation Platform

As an analogy, Gillis said that the new event driven forensics is like a red-light traffic camera, that can capture the image of a speeding car and its license plate. From a technical perspective ,what the system is doing is capturing netflow network packet data and sending it all to a central control plane. From the control plane, an administrator can easily see what network elements are doing, enabling an organization to set policies based on normal operations.

10.10.16 / Lifting the Lid on Silicon Valley

Disruption is what Mountain View-based Bracket is all about. Gillis and co-founder Jason Lango believed they had found an innovative approach to cloud computing and set to work developing the systems behind their vision of a ‘cloud workload protection platform’, attracting a total of $130million in funding from top-tier VC firms.

07.12.16 / Matching the Cloud to the Workload

Bracket Computing recently launched a new component to its Cloud Workload Protection Platform called the Computing Cell that enables specialized policy controls to accompany workloads as they transcend public and private infrastructure without diminishing the performance of self-service cloud environments. The system is built around the company’s Metavisor, a virtualization layer that sits between the guest OS and the cloud hypervisor and inserts security and other services into the data path so resources can be optimized for a given workload.

06.20.16 / What You Missed in Cloud

Bracket Computing Inc. is targeting the same segment with its workload protection software, which makes it possible to package cloud applications into so-called Cells that provide a layer of defense against attacks. The system received new encryption functionality…that provides the ability to keep data scrambled while it’s traveling in and out of a Cell. The traffic can also be regulated using access controls to ensure that users only view information necessary for their work. The new functionality rounds out an already impressive lineup of security features that includes, among other things, a logging console for tracking the behavior of Cells.

06.17.16 / Bracket Computing Enhances Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Bracket Computing is expanding its security platform with new services designed to help organizations easily encrypt data and segment networks. Bracket Computing first emerged from stealth mode in October 2014 with its core Computing Cell technology for security virtualization and then expanded the effort in May 2015. Now, the company is taking its technology a step further.

06.14.16 / Protection in the ‘Data Path’ for Security across Hybrid Environments

Bracket Computing, the hot, highly funded hybrid cloud security platform company, today announced extensions to its “Computing Cell” cloud workload protection platform… The three new services announced today by Bracket expand the Computing Cell to provide transparent encryption of all data in motion (in addition to data at rest), along with extended “cryptographic assurance” and application and data segmentation, enforcing data-centric policies for access to individual workloads.

05.24.16 / What’s driving Silicon Valley to become ’radicalized’

Gillis said that initially, customers seeking the ability to hold the keys to their data were large, sophisticated financial services companies, such as Goldman Sachs and Blackstone. Today, a broader array of companies, including media and automotive firms and small banks, are making these requests. Advances in Intel’s chips, he said, have made it possible to build these complex systems 13 times as fast as in 2010.

05.17.16 / 9 Startups That Will Change The Way You Think About Cloud

Bracket Computing has recently won several awards, including Cloud Computing Magazine's 2015 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award. The company offers an innovative approach to securing hybrid cloud environments. Its Computing Cell technology wraps applications and data in a set of security protocols designed to run in any cloud environment.

04.26.16 / IT Innovators: Entrepreneur Sets Out to Redefine Cloud Management

This solution, while providing a single, virtual infrastructure with consistent controls, will not only minimize exposure outside of the enterprise, but can also free up IT departments to focus on innovating and taking on other challenging issues.

04.08.16 / The Start-up that’s Revolutionising the Public Cloud

The technology is all about centralisation and provides one set of infrastructure that will run across heterogeneous clouds. This means that if someone is using Amazon's cloud, for example, which comes with its own firewalls, encryption, data management, and data backup capabilities, but they want to switch to Google's cloud, which has different firewalls etc, Bracket provides an infrastructure that spans across all of these so that you don't need multiple systems for each.

03.26.16 / Goldman-backed Startup Aims to Finally get Finance Into the Cloud

Founded in 2011, Bracket seeks to allay security worries about cloud technology, one of the reasons why financial institutions have been slower to move to the cloud than other industries. Bracket has developed software, called the Computing Cell, that essentially wraps an additional security layer around both public and private clouds.

01.26.16 / Wall Street's Grand Vision

It is not a coincidence that past paradigm shifts in data center architecture can be traced back to innovations by the banking industry. The rise of an interconnected global financial system that includes a complex web of institutions, markets, trading partners, and instruments has brought with it a need for better, faster, more powerful computing at tremendous scale.

01.22.16 / Why Cloud Computing Will Shake Up Security

Enterprise data is already growing exponentially, and the cloud will accelerate this trend because it provides readily accessible infrastructure to store all that data. Simply put, it’s a great opportunity for software-based storage systems.

01.18.16 / Banking on the Cloud – An Interview with Bracket CEO Tom Gillis

For Wall Street, 2016 is clearly the year of the cloud. We see large scale adoption of self service for developers. We see large scale adoption of containers and micro-services. And we see large scale adoption of production workloads on both private and public infrastructure in a hybrid model.

01.11.16 / The 2016 Scorecard: who will be the Security and Infrastructure Winners and Losers?

The transition of the enterprise from private to public clouds is likely to be the most impactful transition in the IT data center sector in the past three decades. Most Wall Street analysts already realize that this transition is going to happen; the big question is when and how fast.

12.10.15 / Where BioTech and FinTech meet

Brett talks with Biphin Sahni, Head of Innovation and R&D for Wells Fargo about the Wells Fargo B2B innovation labs. Graduates of the Innovation lab will be joining as well, including Tom Gillis of Bracket Computing.

11.2015 / Wealth management: Big Data, better Relationships

Technology has given wealth managers the ability to collect more data than ever before. So why aren’t more private banks embracing the opportunity? Gillis says that wealth managers have been nervous to adopt the public cloud because of security but that should no longer be a concern. Bracket’s customers include Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Blackstone.

11.28.15 / 50 Enterprise Startups to bet your Career on in 2016

Enterprises are racing to ditch their data centers and use more clouds and there are a lot of clouds to choose from. Some want to mix and match and Bracket helps them do it.

11.2015 / Five Cloud Computing Startups to Watch Heading Into 2016

William Fellows, analyst at Boston-based 451 Research, said Bracket's computing cell enables enterprise applications and data, as well as security and networking, to exist in a "single software construct."

11.19.15 / Don’t let the Cloud Swallow You up

As banks and other large institutions move into cloud computing, there are a whole host of issues they must contend with, such as data privacy and security. The New Economy speaks with Tom Gillis, CEO of Bracket Computing, on how large institutions should approach the cloud.

11.10.15 / When 3 Years in Stealth Lands You $130M: Tom Gillis Talks Bracket Computing Success

Security teams from banks asked, “In order to succeed in the public cloud where you don’t control the physical infrastructure, how do you add proper security?” So we added controls that are far more relevant than even traditional data centers. Hackers can still get into private infrastructures, but we’ve added tight integration for encryption.

10.20.15 / Startup Bracket Computing Wins $45M for Cross-Cloud Security

A security startup has added $45 million in funding to its wallet develop a novel way to secure multiple cloud environments by encapsulating data within cells to keep it safe.

10.20.15 / Wheelings &Dealings: Bracket Computing Scores More than $45 Million to Develop Secure Computing Cell

New investors in the latest funding round include Fidelity Management, Research Capital and Goldman Sachs. Bracket is also part of the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator, and Wells Fargo is supporting development of the company’s Computing Cell.

10.19.15 / Why You Need a Disruptive Computer Security Solution

With the rise of consumerization of technology, the game has changed dramatically. Because users aren’t always behind the firewall anymore, we need new thinking and comprehensive solutions, not yesterday’s perimeter defense approach.

10.15.15 / INTERVIEW: "Winter is coming so let’s be ready to survive" – Fintech Cloud Company Bracket Talks Raising Capital

Right now the private equity market is strong. Prices are high and capital is plentiful, but at some point the business cycle will turn down and that capital will go away. Being capitalized for multiple years enables us to invest in the business responsibly and not worry about market timing.

10.15.15 / Bracket Computing Grabs $45M From Wall Street for Data Center Security

Mountain View-based Bracket Computing, which develops data center security products for securing virtual infrastructure, said Wednesday that it has raised $45M in a Series C funding.

10.15.15 / Existing VCs back from $45m round for Bracket Computing

The round brings Bracket’s total investment to more than $130m. This new capital will be used to further develop its Bracket Computing Cell and to finance the technology’s global rollout.

10.15.15 / Bracket Computing Raises $45 Million

Tom Gillis, CEO and co-founder of Bracket, has commented, “Our vision is to provide a secure, advanced, virtual infrastructure that spans multiple clouds, both private and public, with one consistent set of capabilities. Having investors of this quality bolsters our efforts to build this ambitious technology.”

10.15.15 / Term Sheet – Thursday, October 15

Fidelity and Goldman Sachs were joined by return backers Allegis Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, ARTIS Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, and Sutter Hill Ventures, plus strategic investors GE and Qualcomm.

10.15.15 / High-flying Bracket Computing raises $45M

Bracket is obviously answering a very real requirement, a seamless, wildly heterogeneous infrastructure pool with good operating economies. It's executive ranks and investor list is a who's who of technology and all signs indicate that this is a company on its way to some very good things.

10.15.15 / Bracket Computing wins $45 Million to Secure Cloud with Encapsulated Data Cells

The funds will finance a global roll-out said Bracket CEO Tom Gillis. "Financial firms need to remain technology leaders. We’re working with some of the very largest as we define the blueprint for the data center of the future."

10.15.15 / Bracket Computing Advancements Boost Enterprise Cloud Security Control

Bracket Computing is expanding its cloud-storage data protection offerings and has received an additional $46.4 million in venture funding to further develop its products and roll them out worldwide.

10.15.15 / $45M from Bracket Computing to make an easier Cloud Experience

The company has developed software, called the Computing Cell, that envelops a customer’s applications, data and associated security, networking and data management into a single construct. The cell can run across multiple public clouds and in the customer’s own data center, offering security and protection from the performance changes that can occur in cloud computing.

10.15.15 / Bracket Computing Raises $45M in Series C Round to Support Its Multi-Cloud Technology

Its core technology, the "Bracket Computing Cell" allows enterprises to securely run workloads across multiple cloud environments with a single set of advanced security, storage and networking controls. The technology involves a micro virtualization "Metavisor" that sits between the guest OS or container runtime and the cloud provider’s hypervisor.

10.14.15 / Bracket Raises $45 Million to Make Cloud Computing Easier

Bracket Computing Inc. has added $45 million to its coffers, taking total funding in the young company to more than $130 million. Fidelity Management and Research Co. and Goldman Sachs participated in the round, along with several current investors.

10.14.15 / Bracket Computing Advancements Boost Enterprise Cloud Security Control

The upside is that Computing Cell imposes security and management without requiring any changes to the applications being run on the machines, says Peter Christy, an analyst with 451 Research.

10.14.15 / Bracket Computing raises $46.4M from Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm, GE

In addition to Fidelity and Goldman Sachs, several other investors participated in the round, including Allegis Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Artis Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, GE, Norwest Venture Partners, Qualcomm, and Sutter Hill Ventures. To date, Bracket has raised $131.4 million.

10.14.15 / Bracket Computing raises $45M to help Manage Multiple Clouds

Bracket Computing raised $45 million in new funding as it moves to help businesses deal with the issue of using cloud services from a number of providers.

10.14.15 / Wall Street Bigwigs Chuck $45 million at Bracket Computing for its Cloud Super Container

Bracket Computing’s security focus quickly caught the attention of the banking sector. Private equity giant Blackstone Group LP was among the first adopters of its software, while Wells Fargo & Company accepted the team into its startup accelerator earlier this year.

10.14.15 / Investing In Cloud Innovations: An Interview With Venture Capitalist Chris Haroun

What is rare about the management team of Bracket Computing is the fact that they have worked together for at least 15 years. Usually you back one passionate founder and the rest of the management falls into place. In this case the whole team is passionate about what they are doing; their bench is incredibly deep.

10.14.15 / Bracket Computing Obtains $46,400,000 New Financing Round

Bracket Computing is a leader in Virtual Infrastructure Software that spans multiple heterogeneous clouds with one set of advanced security, data management, and networking infrastructure.

10.14.15 / Bracket Computing Nabs More Than $45 Mln Series C

"We are pleased to be working with forward-thinking companies like Bracket Computing on deploying an enterprise public cloud solution that addresses access, performance, and security considerations within our organization," said Don Duet, co-head of the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs.

09.28.15 / Why "Secure Public Cloud" Is Not an Oxymoron

By applying a datacentric security model, the concept of a “secure public cloud” is now within reach. Given the shared-responsibility model that CSPs demand, cloud customers want to achieve full sovereignty when it comes to sequestering their data—not only from the CSP, but from other tenants as well. At the same time, they don’t want to be locked into a single cloud operator. That’s why a DCSM’s ability to transparently enforce consistent security policies across multiple providers—without being at the mercy of the security measures of individual CSPs—is so attractive.

09.21.15 / It’s Time to Remove Roadblocks to Full Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Enterprise use of the public cloud has remained a great idea whose time has yet to come. Not anymore. Enterprises today can leverage the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud while maintaining the same robust policies and SLAs as in their existing data center. Here’s how:

08.2015 / Bracket Computing Reimagines Enterprise Infrastructure

Our unit of trade is data center. It is a massive market - statistics say there is roughly $84 billion in annual spend just in CapEx for the private data center industry. And that market is in disruption because of the public cloud. So Bracket aims to help lead that disruption in the enterprise.

05.26.15 / Bracket Offers Enterprise Security 'Fabric' for Public Cloud

The Bracket Security Fabric now adds a significant layer of security to this virtualized system, encrypting entire workloads backed by automated key management and preboot authentication to provide confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data within Computing Cells.

05.13.15 / Bracket Puts Security Controls in Enterprise Hands

To further promote corporate adoption of public cloud, Bracket Computing this week added to its software-based Bracket Computing cells architecture a security suite whose controls never leave enterprise customers' hands.

05.12.15 / Bracket Computing Announces High-Assurance Security Capabilities for Hyperscale Clouds

With the addition of this suite, the Bracket Security Fabric brings encryption and authentication under the authoritative control of the enterprise to extend a trusted boundary consistently across multiple clouds for the first time.

05.12.15 / Bracket Computing Launches Security Fabric for Clouds

There aren't too many IT companies willing to get into the cloud virtualization business, because it's so hard to do. And there aren't many companies willing to try and virtualize entire workloads. But neither of those challenges has held back Bracket Computing.

05.12.15 / Bracket Computing Injects New Security Functionality Into Its Super-Container

This combination of flexibility and security has made Bracket particularly popular among banks, with three of the world’s biggest financial institutions reportedly counting themselves among its first few customers. The new security functionality, and particularly the ability to store cryptographic keys on-premise as mandated in the ultra-strict data regulations placed on the sector, could expand expand the appeal even further.

04.30.15 / What if You Could Virtualize Whole Cloud Systems?

During development the company found that the problems of enterprise computing could not be attacked piecemeal. Consequently Bracket has built security, storage and virtualization as a single architecture. This systems approach also allows third-party components to work seamlessly alongside Bracket’s.

04.22.15 / Wells Fargo Adopts Three Tech Startups from Outside Finance

Bracket Computing in Sunnyvale, Calif., writes software designed to let large enterprises such as Wells Fargo take advantage of public cloud storage when needed — a service more and more bankers are interested in. Bracket has more experience with financial services companies than the other two startups; Chief Executive Tom Gillis has known Wells executives for years.

01.22.15 / The Billion-Dollar Club: 10 Business Software Wannabes

Bracket Computing, which has raised $85 million (so far) for technology that “contains” applications so they can seamlessly be moved between data centers, regardless of location.

11.06.14 / Bracket Computing Bridges Local Servers, Cloud Capacity

The vision is to help organizations process applications wherever it makes the most sense from a cost or resource perspectives. The approach could also be used to bridge operations between on-site servers and those hosted in a cloud service.

10.30.14 / Bracket's New IaaS Twist

By way of illustration, Gillis compared his service and IaaS to EMC and Seagate. Seagate provides capacity drives, and EMC bundles them in an array, then adds CPU, memory, and data management features. Gillis says Bracket does essentially the same thing, but with IaaS. "We take virtual disks from providers, and put software on top. The customer holds the root of control."

10.25.14 / Bracket Computing Launches to Virtualize Public, Private Clouds

Bracket's Computing Cell even enables the migration of existing enterprise controls and enables users to keep their existing policies; as a result, Bracket's Computing Cell simply appears as a more flexible and robust extension of the customer's private cloud infrastructure. In this way, Bracket offers a radically different hybrid cloud computing model in which workloads can flex up or down, span multiple public clouds, be moved at any time and be managed with one set of controls.

10.23.14 / Trying to Make the Cloud Safe for Corporate Data

Essentially, Bracket’s software wraps a company’s business applications in a bubble of encryption without making the applications harder to manage. “If we demonstrate that the public cloud is every bit as good, why would anyone build another data center?” says Gillis.

10.21.14 / Bracket Aims to Tame the Cloud

Some people familiar with the approach believe Bracket could break down many companies’ reluctance to move computing jobs off their premises. “Enterprises will feel more comfortable and more protected, and there is a performance guarantee,” said Gus Hunt, a former Central Intelligence Agency chief technology officer and consultant who advised one of Bracket’s investors. “That’s really impressive.” Bracket is formally disclosing its plans Wednesday for the first time. But it is already working with some customers.

10.22.14 / Coming of Age in Cloud Computing

People who had worked with the Bracket System were impressed. “Even just with A.W.S., this is powerful,” said Frank Palase, senior vice president of strategy at DirectTV. “Abstracting over several cloud providers would mean we could have high levels of performance with no fear of outages,” since one system could be brought up if another failed.

10.22.14 / Bracket Reworks the Virtual Private Cloud

Bracket is unveiling what it calls the Bracket Computing Cell – an infrastructure service that encapsulated security, storage, compute and networking within a fully encrypted resource sitting on top of multiple public clouds. The idea being that Bracket can abstract service level and security away from the base infrastructure vendor. It’s a compelling notion – service levels can be changed on the fly and the software dynamically spins up resources across public clouds to ensure that service levels are met.

10.22.14 / Bracket Computing Launches With $85 Million to Rewrite Cloud Management

An early customer who advised Bracket’s direction was The Blackstone Group. Notes Josh Scherzer, senior vice president of technology at the global investment firm: “We think that companies will want to leverage the flexibility of the public cloud in addition to their private cloud systems, and we worked with Bracket on technology that provides the security and controls that companies will require to do just that. We feel this dynamic hybrid public-private architecture will help companies facilitate movement of their systems into the public cloud.

10.22.14 / Fortune Data Sheet—Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Read today’s FAQ to find out how a startup backed with $85 million from investors including GE, Qualcomm, and Andreessen Horowitz could make managing cloud services far simpler.

10.22.14 / Startup Wants to Make Cloud Attractive for Security-Sensitive Businesses

After three years in stealth, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup named Bracket Computing launched a new computing system today that aims to make the public cloud more palatable for security-sensitive enterprises.


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