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Complete Hybrid Cloud security for threats that never quit.

Server Guard

Prevents Malware Execution and Persistence

Bracket’s Server Guard is unique in the industry because it provides host-aware protections from outside the OS. From this uncompromising vantage point, it can detect and remediate threat events on behalf of an infected host, even if an attacker achieves root privilege. Server Guard stops persistence by preventing:

  • In-memory privilege escalation
  • Remote code execution attacks
  • Known Linux Rootkits
  • Execution from untrusted paths
  • Installation of malicious binaries
  • Anomalous writes to sensitive configuration files

Server Guard also provides SecOps teams with the tools they need to confirm and remediate threat events in real time: transparent network redirection to 3rd party appliances, memory captures at the time of compromise, and network quarantine, all via an API.

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Network Guard

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Bracket’s Network Guard prevents malware from spreading laterally in your environment by discovering application connectivity and whitelisting only the necessary flows. Powered by the Metavisor, Network Guard enforces network policies from an isolated network stack that cannot be modified, even with privileged access on the host. Network Guard delivers:

  • Tag-based microsegmentation
  • Network encryption with automated certificate management
  • Visibility into network flows and blocked connections
  • Transparent VPN connectivity from public to on-premise clouds

Written in plain English, policies are independent from IP addresses, subnets, or VLANs, so thousands of firewall rules can be consolidated to just a handful of Network Guard policies. By tying policy to applications instead of infrastructure, organizations can leverage the elasticity and scalability of the hybrid cloud while maintaining a strong security posture.

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Data Guard

All Data Protected by Encryption, All the Time

Bracket Data Guard ensures total control over sensitive data by using cryptographic key release to enforce policy wherever your data resides or is moved. Data Guard completely abstracts key management to deliver:

  • Transparent block encryption for root disks and attached storage volumes
  • Transparent Amazon S3 encryption on EC2 instances
  • Amazon S3 encryption as a gateway appliance
  • Policies to enforce data classifications and geographic boundaries

Bracket’s encryption uses Intel’s AES-NI crypto instruction set to accelerate performance. This encryption is backed by a Hardware Security Module that you can control and the encryption cannot be turned off even with root access.

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Forensics, Auditability,
And Visibility

With Bracket Security Software, compliance is a steady state, so security is always provable, at any time—not just at audit time. Real-time visibility of policy and network flows allows the enterprise to see what’s happening across its modern hybrid data center and comply with audit requirements at all times.

Security teams retain complete control of all encryption keys and key operations, which are integrated with on-premise key infrastructures such as Hardware Security Modules. What’s more, Bracket’s powerful, event-driven forensics can capture a snapshot of memory at the precise moment a breach occurs, enabling high-fidelity investigation.

Secure your servers now.
Server Guard can help.

Secure your servers now.
Server Guard can help.

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