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That’s why Bracket Isolated the Full Workload.
Bracket’s security software runs on-premises and across public clouds.
It’s the only solution that protects your servers, network and data.

Bracket’s Full Workload Isolation is the only security solution that protects not just your servers, but also your network and your data. With Bracket, the spread of malware, malicious insiders, and plain old mistakes are no longer an issue. Because you have the strongest, most advanced defense available.

You want to be ON the cloud. Not IN the cloud.

Bracket uses advanced virtualization to separate your Full Workload from the cloud’s underlying physical infrastructure. And that gives you control—one consistent set of controls, in fact, that you use to manage across all your different environments—-VMware, AWS, Google, Microsoft, and more. You can even deliver self-service cloud computing, all while enjoying the benefits of complete security that’s transparent to everyone and can’t be turned off. Not even by someone with privileged access.

How are you supposed to make the cloud secure?

You don’t own it. You can’t see all of it. And you don’t control it. It’s a level of complexity that is hard to manage when being asked to do more with less. And complexity is the enemy of security.

Bracket gives you one consistent set of controls to manage all your different environments.

And one single set of controls eliminates that complexity. Bracket’s advanced virtualization technology separates your workloads from the underlying infrastructures of VMware, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. With Bracket, they all work the same way. Consistently.

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You’ve secured your network. You’re a third of the way there.

It isn’t enough to protect the network. Servers and data need protection as well. You need a partner who’s going to help you secure your servers, your network, and your data.

Full Workload Isolation is complete security. The only kind of security worth having.

It’s Bracket’s unique solution to the problem of cloud security. Bracket uses advanced virtualization to create a virtual NIC, a virtual storage controller, and a virtual memory controller and transparently insert security controls. A unified policy framework magnifies the power of the solution.

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With persistent threats, malicious insiders, and mistakes, there is no perimeter.

How does your organization protect your data from threats you don’t even know you have, can’t imagine, and that are already inside and out to get you?

Wkdopet8o# 0p$ woa?i w3odk* (*Translation: Encrypt Everything.)

Bracket’s military-grade encryption means data at rest can’t be modified. Nor can servers in production. It requires no agents and yet it’s transparent to everyone, and can’t be bypassed or turned off by anyone. Not even someone with privileged access.

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In a self-service world, dev-ops teams need agility but you need security.

DevOps teams are focused on keeping your apps up and updated. So how do you give them something that maximizes their performance while transparently maintaining the security posture that’s so important to you?

You need security that’s built for a self-service world. Bracket is designed for that.

Bracket lets central IT enforce security policies independent of—and without impact on—development and data center operations. Designed to preserve separation of duties in a self-service world, policy enforcement is transparent and always on, with complete visibility, forensics, and auditability.

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No network visibility, no control. No control, no auditability. But you’re still responsible.

On premises, you know exactly what’s going on. But in the cloud, there are no blinking lights, no systems you can examine, and nothing to check. Yet you’re still on the hook for security.

You’re in control. Your enterprise is secure. And you can prove it.

Everything Bracket protects is secure and always auditable. So there are no nagging questions in the middle of the night, or for that matter, in the middle of an audit. You’ll always know, because your enterprise will always be secure.

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Your enterprise is ready for the cloud. Now the cloud is ready for you.

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