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That’s why Bracket built the Computing Cell.

The Computing Cell is security software that provides Full Workload Isolation, refining the standard for security and compliance for the modern hybrid data center. The Cell protects what needs protection most—your network, storage, and compute resources—from the spread of malware, malicious insiders, and plain old mistakes. It’s provable security for the complete workload, with all the visibility, forensics, and auditability you need built right in.

You want to run ON the cloud. Not IN the cloud.

The Computing Cell was not ported to the cloud. It was designed for it. The Cell’s advanced virtualization separates workloads from the underlying physical infrastructure while enabling the transparent insertion of consistent standard-setting security, integrity, and auditability controls across clouds. These controls can’t be turned off, either. Making the Computing Cell the strongest, most advanced defense available. On any cloud.

Consistent Controls Means Operational Simplicity

A single set of controls that work across clouds. It eliminates the complexity of different clouds, different controls, and different results.

Security Separated from Infrastructure

Advanced virtualization separates workloads and security controls from the underlying physical infrastructure. This enables consistent controls across VMware, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


Complete Security Is Strong Security

Security doesn’t stop with the network. It spans compute and storage to protect processes and data.

Full Workload Isolation

Advanced virtualization enables a virtual NIC, a virtual storage controller, and a virtual memory controller. This allows full workload isolation and protection.



(*Translation: Encrypt Everything.) Data at rest can’t be modified. Nor can servers in production.

Transparent Encryption and Integrity Checks

Advanced virtualization eliminates agent clog and runs outside the guest. It can’t be bypassed or turned off by anyone. Not even you.


Transparent, Provable Security Gives IT Control

Central IT retains control over security policies independent of—and without impact on—development and data center operations. It’s security you can see and prove.

Control Plane Just for Security

Transparent policy enforcement that is always-on preserves separation of duties in a self-service world. It comes with complete visibility, forensics, and auditability.


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